Designer:Søren Refsgaard


Material:Powdered lacquered iron, ABS plastic
Dimensions:8 x 10.375 in.

Pier LED Lamp

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A beautiful reinterpretation of the classic ship’s lamp, Pier is rechargeable and portable, designed to create a sense of coziness both indoors and outdoors. Using the easy carry handle, bring Pier from the dining room to the terrace to the bedside table. Adjust illumintion according to atmosphere with the soft-touch button and three brightness levels.

From 0–100%, charging time is approximately 10-12 hours. At 100% brightness, battery life is ~8 hours. At 70% brightness, battery life is ~30 hours. At 40% brightness, battery life is ~60 hours.

3.2 ft. USB cable included.

Danish designer Søren Refsgaard established his studio in Copenhagen in 2003, and is deeply influenced by Danish design tradition. “I am naturally driven by a desire to create products that are simple in both function and design. For me, there is a fine line between something being simple or banal. This is the balance that I investigate for every product I create. How much can I cut away without the design losing its character or soul?”


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