Designer:James Weaver
Manufacturer:Cooper Hewitt
Dimensions:12 x 12 inches

Montipora Poster

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A polychromatic scanning electron micrograph of the skeletal details of the coral, Montipora. Using an array of electron detectors, we can deconstruct and spatially resolve the entire electron scatter field emitted from the surface of a sample. After color-coding the electron detection profiles from multiple angles, we can subsequently recombine these signals for the generation of a polychromatic scanning electron micrograph, where variability in surface topography is revealed in a dazzling array of hues. The high angular sensitivity of this technique permits the effective illustration of subtle differences in surface profile in structurally complex materials.

About this Collection: Working with cultured specimens from coral farms throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific, these images capture the stunning architectural complexity of these incredibly diverse and ecologically important marine invertebrates.

Field of view: 16.5 mm (ca. 18.5x magnification)

The Electron Micrograph series are featured in 2019 exhibition Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.


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