Designer:Cat Merrick
Manufacturer:Cat Merrick
Material:Aluminum, onyx, glass, brass
Dimensions:2 in. pendant, 28 in. chain
Made In:Union City, MD

Circus Necklace

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The Circus Necklace features spheres of onyx and glass suspending in a glass tube. In low lighting, black spheres appear to float in the pendant. When the light catches the piece just right, the reflective glass spheres light up and reveal their true colors.

Made with anodized aluminum, borosilicate glass tubing, onyx spheres and glass spheres, neodymium magnets and brass chain with electroplating and clear coating.

Cat Merrick uses black metal and clean minimalism to put total focus on color and light. Her work in both industrial design and fair trade inform a broad combination of mechanical innovation and hand craft, a commitment to ethical American manufacturing and the conviction that the best design is deeply rooted in the place where it is made.


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