Durable, lightweight, and minimalist in design, the HuskeeCup is the go-to to-go cup for busy lifestyle. More than meets the eye, these travel cups are made from a unique tactile material, almost poetic in its origin.

When coffee berries are processed, the skin and fruit are removed to separate the seeds (best known as coffee beans) which are then dried. The seeds' husks are then hulled off before the coffee is sold and ground. The husks, otherwise a waste material, are tough fibrous shells which Huskee mixes with a unique biopolymer to create the HuskeeCup. 

Huskee's manufacturing process has relatively low energy consumption, emphasizes ease of recyclability, and provides enhanced strength/durability for a long-lasting product. HuskeeCups are a sustainable alternative to both single-use cups and to reusable cups made from materials that are difficult or expensive to recycle.

The cup's great design is just the foam on top.

Posted by Valerie

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