What to get someone who is smart, artistic, enjoys taking walks in the park, trying on funny hats, and has a great sense of humor?

We have just the thing: For the perennially playful, The World Of Maira Kalman 2021 Wall Calendar is like a tonic, offering fresh perspectives, wit, and perhaps a tinge of nostalgia. The calendar is on sale now for $10.00 and would be well-placed in any room.

The calendar features a dozen favorite paintings by Israeli-born American illustrator Maira Kalman, award-winning writer, artist, and designer with over fifty illustrated books to her credit, as well as dozens of classic covers and illustrations for The New Yorker, collaborations with The Met, Museum of Modern Art, Cooper Hewitt, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and David Byrne and the Talking Heads.

Maira Kalman has been part of the cultural fabric of New York for decades, forming M&Co. (M for Maira) with husband Tibor Kalman in the 1980s, one of the most innovative and influential design firms of that design centric era, known for its witty, enduring watch designs, ad campaigns and collaborations with music icons. Numerous items designed by M&Co. are included in Cooper Hewitt's permanent collection.

In 2014, Maira Kalman curated a special exhibition for the Cooper Hewitt, Maira Kalman Selects. The exhibition focused on significant objects from the Cooper Hewitt and the personal collection of Ms. Kalman, such as a pocket watch possessed by Abraham Lincoln, a pair of striped pants belonging to conductor Arturo Toscanini, and a charming pair of yellow satin slippers. There is an interesting video by director Gael Towey about the installation process and opening night of the exhibition, which included a live musical performance. In the video Maira Kalman discusses her relationship to several selected objects, including a quote from Goethe which is central to the exhibit and the musical composition by Nico Muhly.

Fortunately, the SHOP offers a number of Maira Kalman treasures, including some specifically related to the museum such as the Hewitt Sisters postcard, the Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag book and jigsaw puzzle, and the book My Favorite Things featuring more than fifty objects from both Cooper Hewitt and Kalman’s personal collection that were featured in the her 2014 exhibit.

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