Whether you are stepping into the office, or taking a day trip to the beach, spring is the time to have fun adding bright pops of color to your wardrobe. With a variety of talented designers, the best way to stand out this season is to accessorize your outfits with the colorful and exclusive jewelry found at SHOP Cooper Hewitt. Let’s take a moment to zoom into some of our most colorful and statement making jewelry and designers!

Chic with a splash of color, this is the jewelry of Marion Vidal. Made by hand at her studio in Paris, this designer follows an unconventional approach to jewelry. Vidal plays primarily with contrasts: rigidity vs. flexibility, strength vs. fragility, balance vs. break, gross vs. refined. These contrasts are found in the materials of each jewelry piece. Materials such as colorful ribbon, cord, and high-quality brass are exclusively developed in collaboration with Italian craftsmen. In the eyes of Marion Vidal, it’s about the exploration of the relationship between colors and materials that make her jewelry unique and a stunning accessory to your spring wardrobe.

Warm weather means vacation awaits! A 2021 vacation accessory must-have are earrings by San Francisco jewelry designer Anna Monet. She reinvented the tassel style with sculptural brass medallion earrings embellished by plant-based dyes, ranging in colors from turquoise to turmeric, and natural horsehair ethically collected by artisans from the Caddo Nation. Anna Monet’s inspiration for her collection of eclectic statement jewelry is the natural beauty of life on the west coast - combining her passion for metalsmithing and love of intentionally sourced, organic materials.

Ideal for casual wear as well as special occasions, jewelry by Israeli designer Tzuri Gueta is distinctively elegant. Growing up on Mediterranean shores led Tzuri Gueta to explore unprecedented techniques to evoke the organic, marine forms that inspired him. He developed a process of blowing silicone into lace and patented it in 2005. This material interchange gave rise to unusual, arresting collections of jewelry. Nature, the ocean depths, and the plant world provide the inspiration for these flamboyant pieces. Surprisingly, light weight, they are comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile.

From its shape to its use of color, each Ribbon Bracelet is one-of-a-kind, perfect for any springtime occasion or a lively addition to your office outfits. World-renowned designer Gaetano Pesce has work in Cooper Hewitt's permanent collection. Best known for his imaginative resin objects, including chairs, vases, and jewelry, Gaetano Pesce is intrigued by material possibilities.

Lastly, a personal favorite pop-of-color accessory for this season are the dazzling Acantha earrings by designer and artist Julie Thevenot. Modern, lightweight, and draping, the Acantha earrings are two organically shaped flat discs in which one of the discs hangs at the base of the other. These earrings are available in a variety of vibrant colorways: Sea (blue tones), Spices (orange tones), and Absinthe (green tones, seen above), making them a beautiful match against any skin tone, and fun to accessorize any of your favorite brunch or evening outfits! Each piece created by Thevenot’s own hand, showcases color harmonies and creativity for the person that isn’t afraid to be bold.

With all this inspiration, you are ready to make a colorful statement this spring. Just remember to have fun when accessorizing with color!

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