Date:May 2018
Author:Dieter Buchhart, Andrew Blauvelt, Ben Sutton, Carlo McCormick, Bill Powers
Dimensions:11.2 x 8.8 x .8 in.

Ryan McGinness: #metadata

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Ryan McGinness: #metadata features new paintings by Ryan McGinness. McGinness’ work, taking inspiration from skate and surf culture and graphic design, has been characterized as “equal parts Pop, Baroque, commercial and street.” But in his recent paintings McGinness stays local, taking his inspiration from his own studio space and tools. The paintings in the Studio Views and Screen Combines series depict various scenes and detritus from the studio, including tools, sketches, paint containers and finished paintings. Disrupting the normal hierarchy of means and ends, works in progress and finished products, McGinness presents us with the very tools and spaces used to make the paintings themselves.


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