Designer:Lauren Puchowski
Material:Loom: Aluminum, birch wood, maple wood
Dimensions:5 x 3 x 1.5 in.

Mini Boomloom + Yarn Kit, Sparkle Edition

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Selected to accompany the exhibition A Dark, A Light, A Bright: The Designs of Dorothy Liebes, on view at Cooper Hewitt from July 7, 2023 to February 4, 2024. 

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A new spin on an old design, the patent-pending boomloom is a portable, handheld tool that makes weaving easy, intuitive, and fun.

The unique design embeds a rotating heddle bar into a sturdy, one-piece frame, with keeper slots to hold the warp thread ends. A hidden tab stops the rotating bar when the shed (the space between warp threads) is widest, so instead of navigating the weft yarn in and out, simply pass it through the separated space. Keeper slots hold the warp thread ends to make stringing quick and easy.

Hand-finished and hand-assembled, the loom is made simply from six parts in aluminum, beech and maple, no screws or fasteners. The yarn included has been hand-dyed in ombré jewel tones to create an abstract pattern that materializes as you weave.

Kids and impatient crafters will love how quickly this mini weaving comes together. It’s also a perfect tool for seasoned weavers to create patches and multiples; sketches and tests.

Kit includes:

- Mini boomloom
- 2 bundles of yarn: 1 thin metallic in silver, 1 heavy wool in teal
- Plastic needle
- Beater comb
- Bobbin warp thread
- Hanging dowel
- Cotton storage bag
- Instruction sheet

Weaver specs:

- Swatch size: 3 x 2.5 in.
- Dents per inch: approximately 5–6
- Ends per inch: 6

Lauren Puchowski is a New Jersey-based artist and a maker who designed the boomloom during the pandemic as a way to make weaving more intuitive and expressive, to close the gap between the craft and the art, and to hijack smartphone compulsions by putting something tactile and analog in hand.


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