Designer:Forma Rosa Studio
Manufacturer:Forma Rosa Studio
Material:Spray-painted, polyamide, resin
Dimensions:9 x 9 in., assorted
Made In:Brooklyn, NY

Forma_02 Symbiotic Planter Large

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Inspired by the symbiotic relationships of plants and animals in nature, Forma_02 is a series of planters that welcomes multiple plants into one pot, sharing nutrients through the soil as they would outside. Through the process of parametric design, The form of the planter is generated similarly to the plant itself, through a fractal pattern, where each part, mirrors the whole. The planter is grown through an algorithm that references nature’s code, modeled on the computer and built with a combination of 3D printing and handcrafting techniques. Each planter is unique to its design for which for which sizes are proximate. 

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