Designer:CHOI+SHINE Architects
Material:Magnetic conductor, led, each BIT generates 270 lumens

BIT Light Starter Kit

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The BIT Light is a new modular lighting system that provides alternative means of adjusting illumination levels. The system consists of magnetically fastened illuminating modules (BITs) which can be simply added or removed by end-users to control brightness, without requiring any technical skill. Each added BIT incrementally increases the fixture’s brightness.

BITs are easily joined together with magnetic connectors that physically and electrically connect multiple BITs to each other and the power source. Because the BITs are self-fastening and self-supportive with no external wires, they are easy for anyone to manipulate. The BITs operate on low voltage and are safe and cool to touch, while the polycarbonate shell is impact resistant and recyclable.

The BIT Light’s innovative technology encourages open-ended, creative interactions with light. Users visualize a spatial solution, experiment with their ideas, and express their artistic intent through light, by forming distinctive configurations. 

This starter kit includes three BITs. 



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