Material:Solid cartridge brass
Dimensions:3 x 3 x 3 in.
Made In:Wisconsin

Jack Puzzle

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This puzzle is comprised of six different notched brass bars that interlock in one specific way to create a unified "jack" shape. It's exactingly milled by a skilled machinist in Wisconsin, and it weighs one pound. It's a desk object, a paperweight, and a true distraction. But be forewarned, if you take it apart, you might not be able to figure out how to put it back together...

Hand-drawn assembly instructions are included in the package. Each bar has .5 inch diameter.

Founded by designer Hunter Craighill in 2015, Craighill is a product design and manufacturing brand that harnesses the power of machines to create enduring objects and bring a sense of wonder into people's lives. Craighill believes, that by fostering a consciousness of our built world, we can help shape a brighter future.


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