Designer:Matthias Etter


Material:Regional Swiss beech wood, glass marbles
Made In:Switzerland

Cuboro Standard 16 - Marble Run Set

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The original CUBORO marble run system from Switzerland has been inspiring generations worldwide since 1986. With this small Starter Set, create exciting marble runs with all central cubes of the CUBORO system.

The system consists of over 100 different CUBORO elements with various functions. Through creative combinations and logical planning, you can create an infinite number of marble runs. CUBORO challenges children and adults according to their abilities while awakening the joy of experimentation and supporting logical thinking. The marble run system trains fine motor skills, strengthens spatial imagination and stimulates creativity. You can play alone or in a group. CUBORO promotes collaboration - at home, in kindergartens, schools and teams.

Includes 16 pieces, and 5 marbles.


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