Designer:Studio Lim
Material:Plant fibre, lacquer
Dimensions:5.9 in. diameter

Fibrewood Object Dessert Plate

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Fibrewod Objects manifests Studio Lim's innovative approach to a new sustainable material with a sense of aesthetic uniqueness. The ever-changing pattern of each style make it a piece of art for the interiors and home. Made of natural plant fibre, like flax fibre, the dessert plate is a result of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing. Throughout numerous sanding process by hand, the smooth surface is conceived of the softness of the fibre. Studio Lim also collaborated with local carpenters to bring scrap wood into good use, creating an exceptional appearance to the style of Frosty Gold. With this poetic and one-of-a-kind pattern, the dessert plate is a complement to an alluring dining experience.


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