Designer:Maria Eife
Material:100% wool felt
Dimensions:4.25 in.

Binary Felt Bracelet

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The Binary Felt Bracelet is a statement in digital miscommunication using a stylized binary coding system that represents text, computer processor instructions, and data, using combinations of zeros and ones. These bracelets are laser-cut from felted wool and easily slip over your hand. They are lightweight to wear and equally elegant and playful adornments that complement the wearer and intrigue the viewer.

Maria Eife is a Philadelphia-based jewelry designer and maker. She graduated in 2000 from Tyler School of Art with a degree in Jewelry/Metals/CAD-CAM. Her business launched in 2010 with the Binary Collection, a line of laser-cut wool felt jewelry using binary code as a design element. Using new technologies combined with traditional craft skills and values, she creates jewelry that is an exploration of materials, processes, and, structure.


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