Date:October 2014
Author:Nikolai Haas, Simon Haas
Dimensions:11.4 x 8.7 x .6 in.

The Haas Brothers

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In a meteoric rise to fame, the Los Angeles-based Haas Brothers have garnered international accolades for their set design and props for print and video, one-of-a-kind fashion works and their highly original furniture and object designs. Their exploration and mastery of materials—ranging from brass, bronze, porcelain, and fur to highly technical resins and polyurethane—matched with their insatiable curiosity and remarkable visual intelligence, sets them apart as designers.

This monograph—the first on the brothers—focuses on their projects, including their Hex series of handworked bronze tile pieces, their Accretion series of unique ceramic vessels, the Beast series of brass and wool anthropomorphic furniture and a new body of works that engages ideas about arousal and eroticism in playful, sculptural forms.

The book features color photographs as well as writings and drawings by Simon and Nikolai Haas that convey their humor and eloquence while illuminating the inspirations, theories and processes behind the works, plus images of the Haas Brothers' studio and practice.

Twin brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas (Americans, b. 1984), known as The Haas Brothers, got their start in design by studying stone carving and construction under their father in their hometown of Austin, Texas. In September 2010, the brothers were commissioned to collaborate on a project by renowned architectural firm Johnston Marklee, at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, and "The Haas Brothers" as a studio practice was born. In the years since, the brothers have continued to grow their design studio and spend their time prototyping forms and experimenting with materials, surface textures and processes. In 2013 they created a limited-edition furniture collection for Versace. In their current design works, The Haas Brothers explore aesthetic and formal themes related to nature, science fiction, psychedelia and color theory.


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