Date:November 2018
Author:Andrew Blauvelt
Publisher:Penguin Random House
Dimensions:11.3 x 8.8 x 1.5 in.

Less Is More (Difficult)

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A celebration of twenty years of design, philosophy, and inspiration from the renowned American furniture brand Blu Dot.

Blu Dot is an American pioneer of democratic design, and winner of the Cooper Hewitt 2018 National Design Award for Product Design. Founded and run by its principal designer--and with the mission of making the best design accessible to the most people--the brand is celebrated for minimal, innovative, and modern furniture that is American-made and affordable.

Published to coincide with the brand's twentieth anniversary, this carefully produced book collects two decades' worth of ideas, inspiration, designs, and products that chronicle the evolution of one of the most iconic names in contemporary American furniture. Illustrated with stunning photography that sets Blu Dot's best-known pieces in the context of contemporary American interiors, the book includes everything the brand has ever produced, from the very earliest designs for workmanlike benches to the ubiquitous and iconic Very Good Chair.

Supplemented by sketches, notes, and other inspirational materials drawn from the archives of Blu Dot's founders, John Christakos and Maurice Blanks--and including revealing interviews and written contributions from leading names in contemporary design--this is a celebration not just of the pioneering work of one American company but of good.

Blu Dot is the winner of the 2018 National Design Award for Product Design.


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