Manufacturer:Cooper Hewitt
Material:SBS paperboard with C1S coated cover
Dimensions:5 x 7 in.

Postcard Laarman Pixel Chair

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Joris Laarman Lab created the Maker Chair project under the assumption that one day every big city will have 3D-printing workshops where furniture and other items can be printed on demand. The cradles of industrial 3D-printers are usually limited in size, prompting Joris Laarman Lab to design a series of high-design chairs that are pieced together out of smaller 3D-printed elements, shown here in multiple patterns.

This prototype for the project is made up of nearly 300 white, gray, and black resin squares (pixels), assembled like a three-dimensional puzzle.

The chair was included in the Cooper Hewitt's 2017 exhibition, Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age.


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