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Manufacturer:Studio Plastique
Material:Waste-glass from discarded household appliances
Dimensions:~ 6.5 in. height, all vary
Made In:Belgium

Common Sands Vase

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Made from waste-glass components of discarded household appliances, these vases are just one component of the ongoing Common Sands project. 

Common Sands is the result of an intensive collaboration with experts and craftsmen, leading to the development of new methods and ultimately new perspectives for those local resources of global heritage. 

Currently the re-use of waste-glass from electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) is challenging the usual recycling processes. The inconsistent properties render this glass undesirable for a glass industry aiming for consistent results. The varying properties are due to a range of features of the components and their applications, such as metal oxide coatings on the glass, colored glass and varying glass compositions. These properties are used as an added value in the design and production of the objects as the project aims to explore the unique qualities of this unexploited resource. Microwave oven residues might turn out grey, green or brown glass, whereas scale glass or fridge glass tend to result in emerald green or bluish tones. Melting stages and glass compositions are exploited in the structure and texture of the glass, hence the presence of more or less bubbles, opacity or transparency.

Each vase is laser engraved to indicate origin, location and date of transformation of the resource in order to establish an informed relationship between resource, transformation and user. Each is also accompanied by a numbered certificate.


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On-site photograph courtesy Studio Plastique.


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