Date:August 2012
Author:Héctor Ayuso
Publisher:Index Book
Dimensions:11.8 x 9.5 x 1.2 in.


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WEMADETHIS.ES, featured in Cooper-Hewitt's Graphic Design: Now in Production exhibit in 2012, is an instant that captures, with diverse languages, the singular undergoing project that is Spain.

Created in the border between the Western world, the Arab world and the New World, with the experience of a former global empire and the mind-set of a bull, Spain has always followed it’s own path. For better and for worse, it’s people have done things their way. Pulled by different cultures in different directions, the forces that sculpted this country have produced an exotic and unique phenomenon. It’s exotic because there is none like it. It’s unique because, ironically, it’s a place made from differences. The young artists in this book/exhibition make use of various strokes, media and resources, to show how their culture is still under construction.


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