Date:July 2019
Editor:Patricia Belen, Greg D'Onofrio, Melania Gazzotti
Publisher:Corraini Edizioni
Dimensions:9.5 x 6.7 x .8 in.

Italian Types: Graphic Designers from Italy in America

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Italian graphic design has and continues to influence the visual and cultural sector at home and abroad: 'Italian Types' is dedicated to the history and achievements of Italian designers who have lived and worked in the United States. From the arrival of Fortunato Depero in New York in 1928 to the work done by Unimark International between 1950 and 1970, the enthusiasm and experimentation of Italian graphic designers working in the United States won them some important clients, leading to them creating a number of iconic projects. The advertisements, posters, magazines, albums, book covers, and corporate identity projects presented here give an overview of the results obtained by Italians in the field of graphic design in America, exploring their unique graphic language.


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