Material:Famer's Felt
Dimensions:3 x 4.5 in.

Farmer's Felt Double Case

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This stylish and lightweight wallet from Postalco folds flat when empty with pockets that pop open to encase the thickness of about 16 credit cards. It also holds folded cash and coins and includes a cotton fabric lining that reinforces the inside pockets for durability. The stitched flap allows the wallet to open completely for easy pocket access. Complete with Postalco’s signature cut brass snap closure, each wallet is handmade in Japan.

Postalco sought to develop a durable, thick leather alternative for a new kind of wallet. A year of development resulted in Farmer’s Felt. Less than half the weight of leather of the same thickness, Farmer’s Felt is an interlocked fiber felt made with the bark of mulberry trees.


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