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New York Textile Month, Talking Textiles: Issue 3

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The third issue of Talking Textiles, made to accompany New York Textile Month 2018, explores the exciting handwriting of contemporary fabrics. This trend magazine is filled with remarkable developments in textiles, art, clothes and interiors, from artisans and artists to mills, manufacturers, designers and innovators as well as talented graduates from around the globe. Including a fashion forecast by Li Edelkoort and a multitude of articles, Talking Textiles brings together inspiring imagery and detailed analysis about the past and future of fabrics.

As Li Edelkoort observes, most expressions are rooted in the past to become an important influence; starting with the colour pink which was discovered as the oldest pigment ever! Fibers are designed by nature and processed by years of knowledge, yarns are spun and twisted with manifold trials and errors, and weavings are reinvented in all corners of the world, simultaneously it seems. Political insights lead to another vision on fabric making and take textiles out of their comfort zone. Graduates propose original ideas with quilted, padded, felted and armored ingredients. Antique cultures influence creation with goddess dresses and Copt paintings, while the Vatican dictates fashion and Venice reveals the splendor of its printed velvets. Thus, the newest expressions are inspired by centuries of culture, making old = new a relevant rule for textile design.


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