Date:August 2019
Author:Sandra Rendgen
Editor:Julius Wiedemann
Dimensions:14.6 x 9.7 x 1.3 in.

History of Information Graphics

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Selected to accompany the exhibition Deconstructing Power: W. E. B. Du Bois at the 1900 World’s Fair, on view at Cooper Hewitt from December 9, 2022 through May 29, 2023.


History of Information Graphics is an XL-sized compendium explores the history of data graphics from the Middle Ages right through to the digital era. Curated by Sandra Rendgen, some 400 milestones span astronomy, cartography, zoology, technology, and beyond. Across medieval manuscripts and parchment rolls, elaborate maps, splendid popular atlases, and early computer-based information design, we systematically break down each work’s historical context, including such highlights as Martin Waldseemüller’s famous world map, the meticulous nature studies of Ernst Haeckel, and many unknown treasures.


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