Publisher:Center for Urban Pedagogy

CUP Classics Box Set for Educators

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Adaptable to almost any discipline, the set helps students develop valuable skills while exploring questions about how their community works, such as: "What does government do?" "How do cell phones work and who owns the airwaves?" "How can we collect and analyze data?"

From The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), a nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to increase meaningful civic engagement. CUP projects demystify the urban policy and planning issues that impact our communities, so that more individuals can better participate in shaping them

The set includes a 25-minute student-created documentary and 8 activities, for 8 hours of interactive classroom engagement and 4 popular youth education products.

The Center for Urban Pedagogy is the winner of the 2016 National Design Award for Corporate & Institutional Achievement.


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