Illustrator:Peter Allen
Publisher:Cicada Books
Dimensions:11.5 x 9 in.

Atlas of Amazing Architecture: The most incredible buildings you’ve (probably) never heard of

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An engaging and refreshingly inclusive look at world architecture.

Explore the world of architecture as you’ve never seen it before. This book tells the stories of over 50 buildings around the world and throughout history that have never received the attention they deserve. From an Ethiopian church carved into a mountain to a Cuban art-school that fell out of favor halfway through construction, these are buildings that tell tales of moments and movements in history, and the ingenuity, vision and occasional madness of the people that made them.

Beautifully brought to life with humor and detail-packed illustration, this book is a celebration of all things architecture, from tiny shacks to vast palaces—and everything in between!

Peter Allen is a well-established illustrator of children’s books, whose work has been published extensively by Usborne and Walker. The selection of buildings reflects his personal interest and passion for architecture. Each building is elegantly captured in his playful, dynamic style.


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