Dimensions:11 x 15 x 0.38 in. | 3.67 oz.

Metrolog Ruler

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Rule with a light touch.

In a game of inches, the Metrolog ruler is an unfair advantage. It takes imperial measurements up to 8”, with ¹⁄₁₆" increments; and Metric measurements accommodated up to 20cm, in millimeter increments along the way. Metrolog’s telescoping neck—paired with dimpled grips and an obsessively considered slide resistance—adapts to meet the measure of one’s curiosity. Its anodized silver and grey finish, CNC milled gradation increments, and distinctive yellow indicator make for an accurate, easy read of any critical measurements.

With all this in a single tool, don’t be surprised to find yourself sizing up everything in your immediate domain. The diameter of your mood ring, the distance between those two moles on your arm, the wheelbase of the matchbox car on your desk — with Metrolog, these quotidian mysteries need not plague you any longer.


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