Date:January 2019
Editor:Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, MOS
Publisher:The MIT Press
Dimensions:11.3 x 8.6 x 2.8 in.

An Unfinished Encyclopedia of Scale Figures without Architecture

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This encyclopedia contains more than 1,000 representations of the human figure in architectural drawings by architects ranging from Aalto to Zumthor, removed from their architectural context. Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample, and MOS present their rich findings on the human presence in architectural drawings not in any chronological or other linear order, but based on the convention of the encyclopedia, thus presenting (and perhaps deliberately condoning) surprise encounters made possible by the contingency created by alphabetical order.…. From the contemporary perspective of a pluralistic world, the form of the encyclopedia may be particularly apt to represent such a vast body of material as is presented here: defying any linear historical account or master narrative, it invites the reader to construct his or her own readings of the material by establishing relationships between individual drawings.

MOS Architects is the recipient of the 2015 National Design Award for Architecture Design.


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