Designer:Shahar Livne
Manufacturer:Shahar Livne
Material:Silver, plastiglomerate
Dimensions: 7.75 in
Made In:Eindhoven, NL

Viewing Stones Necklace

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The Viewing Stone Necklace is one of three specially commissioned pieces made by Shahar Livne to accompany 2019 exhibition Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. The one of a kind jewelry incorporates a unique stone Plastiglomerate from South Africa, the newest type of rock on the face of the earth. The collection is inspired by the Asian practice of appreciation of natural stones as a way to meditate about the constant changes in nature. Handmade in silver by Shahar Livne.

Plastiglomerate is the consequence of plastic on beaches combined with hot lava flows, creating "new" sediment containing plastic. The jewelry created from Plastiglomerate is a part of a larger design project by Israeli-born Livne titled Metamorphism (2017–ongoing). This project blurs the lines between natural and synthetic materials.

"This speculative design project is based on [Livne's] assumption that plastic will disappear in our modern world and that future generations will regard the plastic waste as a new natural resource that can be extracted in underground mining and used as a rare commodity for the production of new objects. In the creation of these new objects, craftsmanship and traditional production techniques play an important role. According to Livne, traditional craftsmanship will disappear along with the traditional raw materials of today. Through her project, she questions our definition of nature and culture within the context of this disappearing craftsmanship."
— Gène Bertrand, Nature: Collaborations in Design


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