Designer:Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen
Manufacturer:Hermann Schmidt
Dimensions:3.3 x 4.7 inches

Typodarium 2020 Calendar

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A daily tear-off calendar with 366 fresh fonts from 244 designers from 33 countries, the Typodarium 2020 shows a bi-scriptual font family every Sunday in addition to the latest font trends, the funniest display types, the latest bios and other performance proofs from the vital Type Community. A writing system for diplomacy and tolerance. A writing system that drops the walls in concrete heads and tears down political or military boundaries.

There are differences between Arabic and Hebrew, Japanese and Latin, but visually also many similarities. Communication overcomes boundaries. Communication needs writing. Font designers react to the wishes of their customers. And these business and corporate customers are thinking more globally and further than one or the other headline suggests. The Sundays of the Typodarium 2020 define the silver lining on the time horizon: We are one world!


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