Designer:Enzo Mari
Material:Lithographed PVC
Dimensions:3.5 x 6.5 in.

Timor Perpetual Desk Calendar

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One of Enzo Mari's (Italian, 1932–)most celebrated designs, the Timor desktop calendar may seem archaic in a world of smartphones, but its timelessness means that it will never need a software update.

Enzo Mari, a self-critical William Morris of the technological age, is one of the less stereotyped characters on the crowded commedia dell'arte stage of contemporary industrial design. Though his success as a professional designer is beyond dispute - his achievements range from children's games to commercial design and graphics - he nonetheless epitomizes the intellectual integrity which alone can bridge the gap between art, craft, and industrial manufacture. His insistence on the theoretical grounding of practical design has resulted in products whose functional structure and manufacturing logic are plain for all to see. Mari is both an artist and a scientist, an idealist and a realist: his designs are made to be seen, used, and loved, and scientific method, when properly taught, provides the artistic wherewithal for changing the world. 

Timor Perpetual Desk Calendar is in Cooper Hewitt's permanent collection.


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