Author:Menena Cottin
Illustrator:Rosana Faría
Publisher:Groundwood Books
Date:June 2008
Dimensions:6.8 x 11 x .7 in.
Age:5-10 years

The Black Book of Colors

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It is very hard for a sighted person to imagine what it is like to be blind. This groundbreaking, award-winning book endeavors to convey the experience of a person who can only see through his or her sense of touch, taste, smell or hearing.

Raised black line drawings on black paper, which can be deciphered by touch, complement a beautifully written text describing colors through imagery. Braille letters accompany the text so that the sighted reader can begin to imagine what it is like to use Braille to read. A full Braille alphabet at the end of the book can be used to learn more.


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