Manufacturer:Victorinox Swiss Army
Material:ABS, stainless steel
Dimensions:3.58 in.

Swiss Champ SOS Kit

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The Swiss Champ SOS is a survival kit in the form of a pocket knife. With a total of 48 functions, it features various blades and tools that pivot out of the tough and resilient stainless steel body and several that can be removed from slim cavities in the durable red plastic. 

The Swiss Champ SOS Pocket Knife is in Cooper Hewitt's permanent collection.

The SOS Kit includes: 

  • Sharpening Stone 
  • Pressure Pencil
  • Writing Paper 
  • Two Sewing Needles & Thread (black & white) 
  • Five Matches 
  • Two Safety Pins 
  • Nylon String 
  • Signal Mirror 
  • Compass with Spirit Level, Ruler (in and cm) 



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