Author:Richard Sweeney
Publisher:Gingko Press
Dimensions:8.8 x 8.6 in., 128 pages

Paper Sculpture: Fluid Forms

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British artist and designer, Richard Sweeney has exhibited his extraordinary paper sculptures all over the world. His aim in Fluid Forms is to show how the basic principles of form-making in paper can be useful for artists, architects and fashion designers. Once mastered, these can then be expanded on and explored with the help of Sweeney's step-by-step analysis of the techniques he uses in the creation of his work. This book leads you through the three stages of Sweeney's process, from the initial conceptual stage (whether drawing on natural or architectural forms for inspiration), to the basic shapes (modular, in column, or dynamic), and finally to the folding techniques, curved folding, parallel pleating, faceted pleating and radiating pleating.


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