Date:July 2019
Dimensions:11.75 x 9 x 1 in.
Editor:Theres Rohde, Simone Schimpf

Painted Diagrams: Bauhaus, Art, and Infographics

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What is the relationship between information graphics and art? How can information and cognitive processes be organized aesthetically? What can artists learn from the work of graphic designers, and vice versa? Beginning with the Bauhaus and spanning to the present day, Painted Diagrams: Bauhaus, Art, and Infographics attempts to answer these questions by considering 30 projects that exist at the intersection of the diagrammatic and the artistic. Artists presented in Painted Diagrams include Karl-Heinz Adler, Shusaku Arakawa, Gerd Arntz, Frank Badur, Horst Bartnig, Willem Besselink, Katja Berlin, Max Bill, Bšhler & Orendt, Hartmut Bšhm, Christian Cap, Ariamna Contino / Alex HernandŽz, Jochen Flinzer, JosŽ Heerkens, Channa Horwitz, Nick Kopenhagen, Margaret Camilla Leiteritz, Richard Paul Lohse, Mark Lombardi, Frank Maier, Luc’a Sim—n Medina, Vera Moln‡r, Hermann J. Painitz, Andreas Siekmann / Alice Creischer, Jorinde Voigt and Stephen Willats.


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