Date:September 2019
Editor:Magdalena Droste, Boris Friedewald
Dimensions:8.8 x 5.6 x 1.2 in.

Our Bauhaus: Memories of Bauhaus People

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Although it flourished for only fourteen years, the Bauhaus school remains one of the most influential art and design movements of the 20th century. This collection of personal memories from Bauhaus teachers, students, and friends provides a uniquely intimate portrayal of the movement and a new perspective on its development, denouement, and legacy. Introduced through brief biographical sketches, each entry reflects its subject’s distinctive voice and features rare photographs of their days at work and at play. From the deeply personal experiences of figures such as Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and Josef Albers to reminiscences from the families of Kandinsky, Klee, and Beckmann, these first-hand accounts bring the Bauhaus back to life for a new generation of fans.


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