Designer:Ian Aanderson
Material:Cast Porcelain
Dimensions:4 x 4.8 x 4.5 inches

Osvald Mug

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"Deconstructing is to deform a rationally structured space so that the elements within that space are forced into new relationships" - Ian Anderson

AANDERSSON is a Philadelphia based contemporary ceramic design concept. All pieces are designed and produced by Ian Anderson.

The name AANDERSSON is a visually motivated adaptation of the scandinavian surnames Anderson and Andersson, playing on the redundancy of the S with an additional meaningless redundancy of the A. The name intends to form both an association and a disassociation between the body of work and the generalized idea of a scandinavian design aesthetic.

This beautifully minimal cast porcelain mug is microwave safe and hand washing is recommended. Because each piece is made by hand, very slight variations from what is pictured should be expected.


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