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New York Textile Month, Talking Textiles: Issue 1

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A lush curatorial project of the first ever New York Textile Month in September 2016, Talking Textiles is a trend publication exploring the current state of textiles in New York City.

This issue explores how fashion design begins to focus on fabric, how interior design brings back upholstery, and how art students reach out to the loom. There is a renewed interest in material processes and an urgency to understand what products are made of. Emerging companies are reintroducing arts and crafts and the recycling of scraps to not let anything go to waste.

Other stories include: quilting, prints & textile fragments, upholstery fabrics, rugs & flooring, graduate talent from across Europe and the United States, haute couture, 3D printing & technology, industrial mills, indigo dyeing, boro boro, aprons, upcycling, hand looms, textile art & more!


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