Illustrator:Nina Chakrabarti
Publisher:Laurence King Publishing
Date:October 2017
Dimensions:12.1 x 10.1 x 0.6 in.
Age:6-9 years

My Collection of Collections

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What would you like to collect? A collection could be a group of old pots in a museum, or oak leaves picked up on a woodland walk. Some collections are put together over a lifetime, while others last for a single afternoon. You might be a sucrologist, collecting packets of sugar, or perhaps you'd rather collect stamps, matchboxes, or even memories.

This book explores the fascinating ways in which we build collections - from the familiar ones in museum cases or lovingly preserved in albums to the accidental ones we accumulate in our pockets. In addition to featuring fantastic artwork, the book includes on-page activities which allow for personalization and range from devising stories to completing coin rubbings.


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