Author:Lisa S Roberts
Publisher:Canoe Tree Press
Dimensions:7.2 x 0.5 x 7.3 inches, 96 pages

Mr Waffles Loves Design

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When noted design collector and published author Lisa S. Roberts discovered her new shelter cat climbing, jumping, rubbing and sleeping on her contemporary furniture and products, rather than freaking out, she began snapping photos. This became the inspiration for this whimsical and lavishly illustrated book. Mr. Waffles, a sleek black Burmese cat, offsets the bright colorful designs by world-famous architects and designers. Each spread includes original photography of cat and design, a brief informative description, and a humorous observation or comment by critic Mr. Waffles. This feline doesn't just see a chair; he sees a potential scratching post, lap or jungle gym. His curiosity amuses throughout as he tips over trashcans, sniffs toilet brushes, poses in chairs, plays chess, and sits on top of a circular bookshelf.

MR WAFFLES LOVES DESIGN traces the inspiration behind many iconic designs such as the Bouroullec brothers Vegetal chair inspired by tree branches and Patricia Urquiola s Antibodi chair that looks like a bed of flowers. Other designers look to the universe for inspiration with pieces like Michele de Lucchi s First Chair that resembles the solar system or Moon Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka that has the iridescent quality of the moon. Some designers incorporate a playful element. Naoto Fukasawa s Plus Minus Zero humidifier resembles a glazed doughnut and Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi created Zolo, a child/adult toy that looks like Mr. Potato Head on steroids. Design just got a whole lot more entertaining with Mr. Waffles leading the way.


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