Author:Rob Ives
Date:June 2014
Dimensions:11 x 8.2 x .2 in.
Age:11-18 years

Make Your Own Movie Machine: Build a Paper Zoetrope

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Discover the magic of animation with this complete guide to creating a paper zoetrope. A forerunner to the modern movie, the zoetrope offers the illusion of motion from a series of individual pictures. Suitable for ages 13 and up, the book contains simple, well-illustrated instructions for assembling a viewer as well as a guide to designing custom animation strips using photographs and drawings.
Five pre-made animation strips — a walking dog, an exercising man, a rocking fox, and other images — help you get started. The book explains a variety of animation techniques for creating your own features, including stop motion animation, classical animation, and poseable paper characters. The approaches are as simple as pen-and-paper cartoons and as sophisticated as video clips taken with a digital camera — and using your imagination is the best method of all.


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