Author:Uwe Hasenfuss
Dimensions:8.2 x 6.3 x .2 in.

LOST iN New York

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Over the years, New York has magnetically drawn in those intent on making it big, from artists and intellectuals to supermodels and self-proclaimed masters of the universe.

Tropical vibes in Queens, Michelin-starred Viking cuisine, ice-cold martinis in Kennedy's haunt, Brooklyn handcrafted jeans, beach life with The Boss, La Dolce Vita in the Bronx… Getting lost in the city is not about throwing away the map. It’s about surrendering yourself to the essence of the place. The sights, smells, flavors and sounds that make it unique. The photography, the art, the creativity that provide its individual inspiration. Getting lost is diving headfirst into what makes each city its own.


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