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It's not a plotter nor a printer; it's a draw-er, which gives Line-us its style and unique character. The magic bit is that Line-us draws in precisely the same order you did. Line-us is a small internet-connected robot drawing arm – it mimics your motion with a pen and recreates whatever you draw on the screen. Draw with your finger, mouse, stylus, or Apple Pencil and follow it in real-time as it copies your movements.

Just connect it to a USB battery or power supply, and you are ready to go. Line-us comes with a small metal plate to hold it in place. You can use it on any writable surface: in your sketchbook, diary, notebook, or just a piece of paper. You can also hang it to the wall or mount it on a fridge. If you're into coding, Line-us has an easy interface to talk to Scratch, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, and Processing.

The app is how you interact with your own Line-us and see what people have shared with you. It lets you create, save, and share drawings; then draw them again and again and again.

Line-us works on iPads, iPhones, and Android. It also works on Mac and PC. You can draw or write with your finger, a stylus, Wacom tablets, or the Apple Pencil. It's all up to you.

Line-us was funded on Kickstarter in March 2017.

Kickstarter is the recipient of the 2020 National Design Award for Design Visionary.




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