Designer:Tiziana Redavid
Manufacturer:La Mollla
Material:Stainless steel
Care Instructions:To keep the springs from stretching, it is recommended to gently slip each bracelet on in small groups over the wrist. Avoid pulling on one side to prevent loss of shape. If ever a spring opens up, put both ends together and screw them back.
Made In:France

La Mollla Lune Bracelet Set

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The La Mollla Lune Bracelet Set by Tiziana Redavi is inspired by African ornamentation and industrial materials. The set contains 3 bracelets.

Italian architect, Tiziana Redavid, was first inspired to create her range of stainless steel jewelry when she visited a friend who manufactured industrial springs. Taking samples, she viewed them with her fresh imagination, and was struck by the similarities to African ornamentation. Using African design for her inspiration, Redavidi created a collection of stainless steel jewelry made with coils produced in industrial processes. She adopted "molla," the Italian word for spring, as her brand name adding a third L as a graphic evocation of the structure of springs.

La Mollla jewelry is made from springs from the Turin factory, and assembled and finished in France.


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