Author:Corita Kent, Ray Smith
Publisher:Atelier Éditions
Date:May 2018
Dimensions:13.5 x 9.5 x .8 in.
Editor:Aaron Rose

International Signal Code Alphabet

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Radical American artist, educator, and once-devout Catholic nun, Corita Kent’s provocative serigraphy has entranced audiences for over four decades. Initially completed in 1968, Kent’s International Signal Code Alphabet encompasses a series of 26 kaleidoscopic serigraphs integrating scripture, typography, image, icon, and the maritime flags of the International Code of Signals. As 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of both the series’ completion and the centennial of Kent’s birth, the celebratory publication reproduces for the first time, Kent’s International Signal Code Alphabet, within fine art monograph format.

The introduction is written by Corita Art Center Director, Dr. Ray Smith, accompanied by a foreword by artist & curator Aaron Rose.


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