Date:May 2019
Author:Hervé Tullet
Publisher:Chronicle Books
Dimensions:9.7 x 7.3 x 0.7 in.
Age:5-105 years

I Have an Idea!

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From Hervé Tullet, one of the great creative thinkers of this generation, comes a unique meditation on and celebration of the birth of a simple idea. Sparkling with visual wit and imagination, this is a richly emotional exploration of the creative process: from an initial tentative inkling, to the frustration of chasing the wrong notion, to finally the exhilaration of capturing—and nurturing—just the right idea. I Have an Idea! is a cloth-spined package of color and inspiration equally at home on a child's bookshelf, in a new graduate's backpack, or atop a creative's desk.


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