Author:Peter Drijver, Johannes Niemeijer
Dimensions:7.8 x 9.5 x .2 in.

How To Construct Rietveld Furniture (Revised Edition)

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How to construct Rietveld Furniture documents the best known and most typical furniture designs by Gerrit Rietveld down the smallest detail. The book contains working plans, measurements, detail drawings, lists of materials and instructions for the assembly of each piece, as well as historical information about each one.

This new edition is considerably expanded from the 1986 edition. Twelve items of furniture have been added, so that there are now in total 35. In addition to 'highlights' that were not in the original edition, such as the famous but complicated 1919 buffet, less well-known items have also been added, including several pieces from Rietveld's own 'furniture you can make yourself' series.

This book makes a wide range of Rietveld furniture available for the home constructor, including various chairs (of course including the famous Red-Blue), tables and side tables, bookcases, children's furniture, benches, lamps, desks and a stacking sectional cabinet. In constructing Rietveld's furniture designs for yourself, one moves through the proportions, stability, joining techniques and assembly order from the smallest knob to the sculptural qualities of the ultimate furniture, in the same way that making, sitting in and looking at furniture were linked with each other when Rietveld made them.

Text in Dutch and English.


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