Author:Charlotte Vannier
Publisher:Gingko Press
Dimensions:11 x 8.8 x 1 in.

From Thread to Needle: Contemporary Embroidery Art

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Embroidery has long been relegated to the work of women in the home, seen as mere decoration on tablecloths, curtains and men’s clothing. The craft, despite its intricacies, has historically been perceived as an act of domestic labor rather than of creative talent. But in the 1960’s and 70’s, feminists utilizing needlework and embroidery started reclaiming their techniques as works of art.

From Thread to Needle: Contemporary Embroidery Art features the work of 84 contemporary artists from all generations across the globe and their influences, technical challenges and the messages they wish to convey through their embroidery art. Using a myriad of materials, such as cotton canvas, photographs, plastic, garbage and wire mesh, these artists bring new life into a supposed antiquated skill. The gorgeous full-page illustrations throughout the book highlight the vast possibilities of embroidery, and through their raw emotion shatter the perception of the craft as strictly feminine.


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