Publisher:Spector Books
Date:February 2020
Dimensions:11 x 8.25 x .8 in.
Editor:Ines Weizman

Dust & Data: Traces of the Bauhaus Across 100 Years

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Dust & Data brings together case studies by scholars from around the world that engage with the history of the Bauhaus as a series of entangled, internationally ramifying problems. One hundred years after the Bauhaus School's founding in 1919, this volume tells its story by interweaving the multiple historiographies of the Bauhaus with the global histories of modernist architecture. Taking a selection of Bauhaus objects, documents and buildings as a starting point, Dust & Data then sets out to plot the complex patterns of circulation and migration these have traversed as they rippled outward from the Bauhaus. Following these emblematic objects on their travels, the authors chart the international reception and reinterpretation of the Bauhaus, as well as the challenges that face objects in motion—such as disputes and legal challenges concerning authenticity, physical and intellectual ownership and copyright.

Featuring contributions from international experts in design, architecture and art history such as Eyal Weizman, Alina Payne, Nicholas de Monchaux, Christopher T. Green, Pep AvilŽs, Persephone Allen, Anna Vallye, Anna Bokov, Daniel Taliesnik and Anna-Maria Meister, among others, this volume offers a truly global perspective on the history of the Bauhaus. Dust & Data excavates a history of the Bauhaus as a history of migration: of its architects, artists, documents, objects and, of course, its ideas, as they have scattered across a fragmented world.


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