Manufacturer:Elastic Brand
Dimensions:Diameter 6" x 2.5"

Diamond Rattle Bracelet

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“Audiowear” is a series of musical jewelry inspired by idiophone and aerophone instruments and the acoustic quality of clay : a Trumpet bracelet, a Guiro cuff, a Whistle necklace, a Pan-flute collar, a Rattle and Xylophone bangles. Designed in Rhino software, the models were first printed on the ZPrinter 450. Molds were designed by splitting the models into parts and printing contra-mold parts for some more complex objects. After building the plaster molds, all the instruments were slip-cast in porcelain. This Rattle Bracelet is fully functional as an instrument.

Elasticbrand is a flexible creative studio, working worldwide. Partners Arjen Noordeman & Christie Wright collaborate with a wide range of artists, musicians, chefs, comedians, designers, film makers, curators and other inspiring people.


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