Designer:Cody Hoyt
Manufacturer:Glazed Stoneware

Cody Hoyt Deckard Vase Jade

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SHOP Cooper Hewitt is excited to present this exclusive collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Cody Hoyt, the Deckard Vase.

Using the practicality of slip casting, Cody Hoyt's first true production piece is the perfect vehicle for experimentations in glaze. The form is based on a cube with its corners cut off and beveled, creating a recognizable shape that has been dramatically changed with small alterations. The vase is named for Rick Deckard, protagonist of the film Blade Runner, who struggles to maintain an idealized version of himself that the narrative keeps chipping away until his own perspective is irreversibly altered.

Trained as a printmaker and painter, Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt is best known for his faceted, hand-marbled ceramics. Inspired by Japanese nerikomi pottery, Memphis Milano, and Ken Price, his vessels are functional, highly detailed geometric forms.


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